Dew Point Farm
A pocket farm in MidTown Columbus, Georgia

DEW POINT FARM IS a tiny farm in Columbus, Georgia. We grow food primarily for farmers markets with a particular eye to getting vegetables on the plates of people who struggle to access fresh, healthy food.

Our produce is proudly naturally grown, using organic practices, without artificial supplements or pesticides.

where to buy

Our produce is proudly available on the shelves at The Food Mill, an indoor farmers market and restaurant in Columbus.

  • Where: The Food Mill, 3781 Second Ave.

  • When: 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday-Friday

  • On the shelf: Our growing seasons are done until spring 2023. Stay tuned here for updates on the farm expansion, and we encourage you to continue supporting The Food Mill and its partner farmers through fall and winter. See y'all next year!

about the farm

  • Who are we?

  • What is a "naturally grown" farm

  • Are we insane for quitting our day jobs to do this?

  • Where's all the pigs?!?

Learn all this and more in Dew Point Farm's FAQs.

our latest post

So winter is supposed to be the quiet time at a farm. It’s the time to let nature do its system refresh — giving the trees the chill hours they need to produce next year’s fruit, killing off enough bugs to stave off a biblical plague, decomposing the tomato and pepper plants we’ve severed and dropped to the ground. It’s a time when farmers are supposed to reflect upon the glories of Mother Nature’s restorative cycle, while resting with a hot cup of tea by the fire. But we’ve been busier than ever at Dew Point Farm.
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